Clinica Animalia


Clinica Animalia was fist established on January 05,2013.  It is the outcome of joined idea of two good friends, Ms. Janice Flores-Veterinarian and Ms. Jonalyn Del Rosario-Veterinarian which happened to be both pet lovers. They are both lovers of pets, so they decided to built an animal clinic.

The clinic was first established in Cabaruan Cauayan City, Isabela and after several months, they decided to relocate their clinic on a more convenient location at #34 Don Jose Canciller  Avenue, Cauayan City Isabela. Clinica Animalia was offering veterinary activities and veterinary supplies such as pet foods and pet accessories. After two years of good income, Clinica Animalia decided to extend their clinic and put up a pet shop beside their clinic.


Russell Aquino