PAGES System


The idea of organizing an institutional base for the siblings of the late Mr. and Mrs. Policronio and Eusebia Guiyab-Aggabao in December 25 2013, its name was first created in February 17, 2014 in a conversation by two of the siblings – May and Hans oven long distance talk. It was first put as PEGASUS and later finalized as PAGES, 2014 through the initiative and concepts by its first Chief Executive Officer and Chair of the Board as a family foundation.

PAGES was envisioned to be a non-stock, non-profit family corporation geared toward propagating the spirit of service towards fellowmen. It hopes to achieve this by 1) creating opportunities for meaningful and appropriate education to the less fortunate families across the country, 2) Engage in Donors Services Campaigns to raise resources to support educational charity; 3) Conduct business activities to create resources to further achieve its purposes; 4) Advocate for the environment for a livable future for the future generation.


Pages System