…Catholic Church leaders take money from gambling proceeds?

When faced with keen attacks following media reports that the catholic hierarchy in the Philippines had been accepting millions of gambling money from the country’s prime gaming agency ,manila archbishop Jaime cardinal sin retorted by saying that the would not hesitate to take money even from Satan for the sake of charity:

“Cardinal Sin said, quoting st. John Bosco:’ If Satan would appear to me and give me money, I will accept the money and spend it all for the poor ‘.”(“Sin Defends Use of Pagcor Money,” Manila Bulletin, October 26, 2000)

BUT THIS IS the exact opposite of the conviction of our lord Jesus Christ. When the devil tempted Jesus by offering him all the riches in the world, he did not accept them so that he may have something to give for the poor. Instead, Jesus strongly resisted the devil’s temptation and held on to what the Scriptures teaches:

“Then the devil took Jesus to a very high mountain and showed him all the kingdoms of the world in all their greatness.’ All this I will give you’, the devil said,’ if you kneel down and worship me’.

“The Jesus answered,’ Go away, Satan! The scripture says,” Worship the lord your God and serve only him!””(Mt. 4:8-10, Today’s English Version)



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