I was stunned with this new product of Cherry Mobile. Yes, it was a phone and at the same time a 3G USB dongle for internet connection. Many of us has its mobile phones, and another device which is a USB broadband dongle for our portable internet connection.

Now, here’s Cherry Mobile MF1, a mobile broadband phone. You can call and text as usual, and plug it to your desktop, laptop, netbook for you to have internet access. I hope this device has a Friendly User Interface software for monitoring and other configurations. Wooh! And you can make this device through tethering featureĀ as a wifi Ā also for you to share your internet with others with a speed of up to 5.76 Mbps in HSDPA signal.

Aside from what I said above, this phone has its bluetooth, microSD slot up to 32GB, FM Radio, and a Multimedia Player for playing music files.

As per review by users, they said that if you use it continuously for internet connection, it lasts up to 4 hrs. Compared to pocket MyFi, it is more cheap since it’s only P1,999.

Those who already have it. Please share your review of this device by commenting below.



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