Hi! Please read first my first article about SpyCam hacking before going into this article.

By the way, thanks to console cowboy. Here we go again, another information of a camera named TrendNet cameras which are vulnerable for network hacking. Yes, it was just the same scenario in which a camera’s firmware is intentionally left by the manufacturer unupdated so as people around the world could access it online.

Okay, so much for the introduction. This TrendNet camera’s root access for viewing has the URL path “/anony/mjpg.cgi”. And with this information, we just use google again by keying in the keywordĀ inurl: “/anony/mjpg.cgi”. Ā Now, look for the result w/ a static IP address instead of a domain. Be patient on looking of all the searches. Here’s some on the list:

Are you having hard time looking for such results? Maybe it’s time to visit Shodan and search there “netcam” and you’ll have dozens of results. Enjoy! Until next time for hacking. šŸ˜‰ You may try the IP addresses as shown above the screenshot.




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