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Final Project Checking in IT56

It’s final project checking will start today and will end on sunday, March 20, 2016. You must submit all checking forms until the said date.

For the list of domains, visitĀ If there were corrections to your domain name, please inform me asap get to know more about Small Business: Things to Consider Before Signing a Web Solutions Provider Damiano Ltd

Do you have already the list of domains/names of your ratees? Then, start checking and rating them through the following rubrics. Enter only in the section Ā where you belong:

BSIT 2-1
BSIT 2-2
BSIT 2-3
BSIT 2-4

Good Luck! Be Honest and God bless you!

Blogsite checking during love month

Blogsite Checking is started, even if I am about to finish the checking and you just started checking and rating your classmates and batchmates, you can still update your websites and blogsites.

Before you check the blogsite, visit your ratee’s personal website first if he/she already complied with the guidelines. If not, then you should write/input in the comment box the violation/s after checking his/her blogsite. Check it out on solariumsolning

Be honest in checking and giving star rating. Remember that your IP/MAC addresses were recorded to check for cheating and take note that deductions were applied to any violations (example: debugging the codes of star rating; giving rating multiple times using a single device.).

Click the LINK below that corresponds to your respective section. Submit checking form until February 16, 2016.


Website Checking Guidelines – 2nd Sem 2015-2016

PRELIM PERIOD: Website Checking Guidelines

Schedule: January 13 to January 20, 2016
1. Check and Rate 5 co-students. Visit

The next 4 numbers after you in your same section are those who will check. And your number which is the same in the next section is also assigned to you to be checked. Ex: If you are number 6 of BSIT2-2, you will check number 7,8,9,10 in the same section, and you will check also number 6 of BSIT2-3.Special Cases where there is no student number present in the next section whom to be checked or there is no student number present from the next section who will check you. Here is the list (rater will check the ratee):

2. Now that you have all the names and domain names of those whom you will check, visit and follow on-screen instructions. One website, One online checking form. Please take note that if you answered NO in one of the checklist requirements, the checking to the website is already finished and it is a must to write the comment/remarks. Ex: If you encountered that the lovers page has only two photos, you give it an answer “NO”, and write in the comment box “lovers page must be at least 4 photos”.

Be sure to answer as honest as possible, because the rating you gave can be your deduction if you rated it wrongly.

Online Checking Forms

Website Checking is ended!

3. Grading System for Prelim Project
Sir Erick grade = 50%
Your classmates (4 checkers) = 30%
Your batchmate (1 checker) = 20%

4. All checking forms must be submitted until 12 midnight of January 20, 2016. Checking form is only available online through Google Docs to avoid cheating. Submission of checking form beyond the deadline will be forfeited.

5. Take note to answer correctly and accurately the CHECKER PROFILE INFORMATION to credit your rating or else you will be given deduction for every checking form submitted wrongly, likewise considered also as no submission. These profile informations are used for identity validation.

Web Programming Class – 2nd Sem 2015-2016


1 Abio, Resa Shine Apostol
2 Agustin, Lean Quitola
3 Angoluan, Maricel Ballanos
4 Aquino, Norelei A.
5 Baccay, Mary Ann Pauig
6 Bareng, Julina Placido
7 Barrientos, Ruby Lista
8 Bucad, Janice Calimag
9 Bulan, Mildred Telan
10 Butac, Valentina Baua
11 Calauad, Rizalyn Solito
12 Centeno, Aiza Manuel
13 Cuntapay, Mara Calimag
14 De Gracia, Domarie Padrigo
15 Demandante, Olga Lauria
16 Duco, Sherry Mae Vinarao
17 Dumapal, Victor Anthony Laureaga
18 Enriquez, Duane Carlo Villanueva
19 Estela, Revelito Jr. Parallag
20 Gabot, Efrelie Suyat
21 Gallema, Robin Licuanan
22 Gaspar, Dionicio Jr. Silaken
23 Germinal, Desiree Acapuyan
24 Gonzales, Sherelyn M.
25 Holgado, Jerome Ferrer
26 Juan, Kathleen Garma
27 Julio, Claudine Madumba
28 Lagun, Vicente Bilog
29 Lazaro, Jacquelyn Ignacio
30 Longgat, Apol Jane Francisco
31 Mallillin, Richelle Cunanan
32 Miguel, Karen Joy Zalun
33 Pagulayan, Glenda Ballonos
34 Palomares, Jenny Rose Dawaton
35 Parallag, Jocelyn Seguban
36 Pascua, Analyn Mendoza
37 Rivera, Princess Jane Francia
38 Salvador, Gimalyn GaƱo
39 Sanchez, Ema Solito
40 Sanqui, Jopether Madrid
41 Taguinod, Michelle Luyon
42 Tungpalan, Gerlie Bangug
43 Viernes, Renato Simangan


1 Abad, May Ann Davie Caraui
2 Abalos, Claudine Bautista
3 Abuan, Mary Joyce C.
4 Albano, Ailyn Asuncion
5 Antonio, Adelyn Sibud
6 Baccay, John Jasper Laman
7 Baquiran, Eva Baymosa
8 Barrientos, Krisha Mae Asuncion
9 Bautista, Jhonver Ancheta
10 Blaza, Myra Ruiz
11 Buncag, Rey Lord Lumilan
12 Camaso, Marlyn CardaƱo
13 Casibang, Nick Randy Codera
14 Casta, Angelica Catalma
15 Castro, Olivia Ramos
16 De Gracia, Princess May F.
17 De Guzman, Edlyn Garcia
18 Dizon, Josel Ena Pinlac
19 Favila, Angelica Cuison
20 Galasinao, Michelle Salem
21 Germinal, Kristine Jewel Nolasco
22 Ignacio, Jaypee Casta
23 Lazaro, Melchor Vinoya
24 Mabirit, Jerica Pelagio
25 Macugay, Laarnie Andajer
26 Marcelo, Kenneth Bryan Bite
27 Mendoza, Norwin Jelly Fernando
28 Mendoza, Reymar Carabbacan
29 Orienza, Juriza Rosario
30 Paule, Karissa Merlan
31 Policarpio, Angelina Elegado
32 Respicio, Tricia Duritan
33 Sagun, Emily Aggarao
34 Soriano, Mary Joy Urmatan
35 Tomines, Judy- Ann Perdo
36 Tomines, Maria Kristel Ramos
37 Trinidad, Joan Taguba


1 Abreu, Claudine Fernandez
2 Acio, Angelica Quilang
3 Agustin, Jefferson Acio
4 Asuncion, Angelica Chan
5 Barajas, Charise Pulido
6 Canceran, Ericson Bersamin
7 Dacallos, Josephine Dacaymat
8 Daguio, Jonalyn Acacio
9 Dannug, Angelina Lungan
10 Dela Cruz, Diobilyn Lampitoc
11 Dela Cruz, Simon Mark Alejandro
12 Dugan, Maureen Berja
13 Eusebio, Rizalyn Tabili
14 Gamos, Catherine Palsimon
15 Gannaban, Angelica Danao
16 LeaƱo, Cris Allan Duque
17 Manalili, Julie Mendoza
18 Mangonon, Marisol Ramos
19 Mangonon, Ronalyn Jovellanos
20 Medrano, Riza Joyce Perito
21 Mendez, Samuel Moses Manlapaz
22 Miranda, kathleen Galicia
23 Osorio, Joshua Versoza
24 Panaga, Joeliza Torres
25 Pilar, Jhay-Ar Domincil
26 Prudencio, Gilbert Jr. Asuncion
27 Ramos, Julie Ann Guiuo
28 Ramos, Nikki Mar Bitanga
29 Robles, John Paul Taguinod
30 Soriano, Judy-Ann Menor
31 Suguitan, Karen Joy Villanueva


1 Abobo, Judy Ann Dahilig
2 Acob, Christian Uba
3 Acob, Melody Agraan
4 Albano, Princess Grace A.
5 Ariola, Jenie Gamboa
6 Bairulla, Norisa Soriano
7 Basada, Christian Costales
8 Benavice, Nestor Cabaral
9 Bulan, Roselle Pallermo
10 Cabauatan, Nikka Mae Gagarin
11 Casipit, John Paul Fajardo
12 Castro, Ruby Jane Tagaca
13 Colita, Mary Jane Lagana
14 Corpuz, Jess Surat
15 Corpuz, Sunshine R.
16 Cureg, Melvi Gail Romero
17 Dadag, Venus Aguilar
18 Dawa, Maria Mabelle Caruz
19 Duad, Danadine A.
20 Flores, Dhelma Joy Cabanting
21 Francesa, Flordolona Dumlao
22 Gacura, Joanna Day Gamboa
23 Gaoiran, Jay Paul Francisco
24 Gilo, Carla Mae Andres
25 Gonzales, Novalyn Masi
26 Guiang, Jasmin Gem Ben
27 Jose, Mariz Justine Denopol
28 Khan, Golda Pascual
29 Layugan, Rachel Lomabi
30 Lazaga, Aldrin Solomon
31 Lindain, Haidee Dula
32 Lindain, Hazel Dula
33 Lucas, John Lourd M.
34 Martinez, Gian Carlo Soriano
35 Masi, Ma. Cherry Long-ayan
36 Matote, Shermaine Curutan
37 Mendoza, Jemalyn Erang
38 Nacuray, Joferson Lazaro
39 Ramento, Bryan Bulauan
40 Ramil, Dolly Marquez
41 Rumbaoa, Jonifer Mercado
42 Sibal, Novelyn Lampitoc
43 Solito, Cleofey Agustin
44 Tadeo, Roxane Reglos
45 Ualat, Juliet Bernardo
46 Vicente, Eliezer Salas

I am ready! How about you?


It’s second semester again! Yes, I am ready! How about you my dearest students? Well, I welcome you all BSIT second year and BSCS third year for our first week of class. Don’t be absent or else you’ll miss half of our subject right away! Haha!

I hope that you’ll be more disciplined as we go on in our classes! Be positive. Be good. Be patient. Be punctual. Be industrious. And you will pass your subject, not only mine but to your other instructors. More about Freeslotscentral free spins offers

IT50/IT88 Grades has been recorded and submitted

At last, my class record was finally finished. The grades of my students in the subject IT 50 Network Technology and IT 88 Network Administration & Maintenance are already recorded and submitted!

Check your grades now – CLICK HERE

By the way, I’ll give you the summary result of the grades as per my class record. Before that, after encoding all the raw grades, the following PLUS POINTS were included to help my students earn more:

  • intramurals participation (champion +5, 1st runner up +4, 2nd runner up +3, participation/tryout +1)
  • notebook (+10 assignment grade)
  • wearing of complete uniform (+2 quiz grade)
  • online bonus quizzes (20 item bonus items)
  • extra items (30 items bonus questions)
  • laboratory exam (extra 10 items)

AfterĀ inclusion of the above plus points, grades were tabulated. Excess score in final examination were added to midterm and prelim exam score, and the rest were distributed to prelim/quiz.

The total transmutted grade were adjusted also by 0.50 to the benefit of the studentsĀ to lessen the number of failing grades. If you have questions and clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me via facebook or see me personally!

Finally, the following are the result of the FINALĀ GRADES COMPUTATION:


BSIT 1-3: Incomplete Grade (Aguilar-NFP, Ballesteros-NFE, Mauili-NFP, Parallag-NFP); Dropped (Manlanat); Failed (Baniqued, Calderon, Eustaquio, GasparR, Omanito, Reyes, Sintos, Soriano, Tacac, Ulsan). Legend: NFP=NoFinalProject, NFE=NoFinalExam.


BSIT 1-4: Incomplete Grades (Abuy-NFP, Adorna-NFP, Anciano-NME/NFP, Andres-NFP, Battad-NFP, Bayudoc-NFP, Blas-NFP, Camonayan-NME, DelaCruzA-NME, Labog-NFP, Rosario-NFP, Tejada-NME); Dropped (Bulan, Porquillano); Failed (Alejo, Dayao, DeVera, Esmino, Espiloy, Gatcho, Lano, Lasam, Mendoza, Raguine).Ā Legend: NFP=NoFinalProject, NFE=NoFinalExam, NME=NoMidtermExam.


BSIT 1-5: Incomplete Grades (NFP=Ancheta, Lopez, MadriagaS, MartinezJ, MartinezM, MendozaE, Orbe, Sapuay, Siocson, Tamang); Dropped (Gannaban, EugenioKas, Nelmida); Failed (Caliboso, Cariaga, MadriagaJ, Mamauag, Nicolas, Parallag, Recobo, Telan, Zalun).


BSIT 1-6:Ā Dropped (DelaPaz, Feliciano, Subong); Failed (Dapitan, Deba, Ernie, Estabillo, FerrerJo, FerrerJu Malano, Manahan, Miguel, Nogal, Pacarangan, Ramos, Valdez MaryAnn).


BSIT 4-1: Incomplete Grade (Puyong, Vergara); Failed (Cuaresma).


BSIT 4-2: Incomplete Grade (TagapanM), Dropped (Zamora), Failed (Balisi, Bangilan, Bangit, Cabacungan, Cipriano, Deculing, Pagulayan, Pengco, TagapanJ).

If you wonder why some of your classmates you knew that doesn’t have a project or didn’t take the exam are not graded as INCOMPLETE. Well, for fairness and justice, these students that has no project or exam cannot meet the minimum 75 target grade even they submit the project or take the exam. Thus, I gave them the 5.0 grade instead of having sweat and make an effort to complete the requirements and later will be given also a failing grade. Hoping, that explains!

CONGRATULATIONS to all who passed in the subject. Those who failed, you can re-enroll it this coming semester with the freshmen students. All who has incomplete grade due to non-submission of complete project, or didn’t take the major exams, please see me.

Good Luck and Happy Semestral Break!

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