First thing and foremost, you must be familiar with the scope of the exam you are taking for Professional or Sub-professional Civil Service Exam. See the photo below:

Now that you know already the areas of what you will take for the upcoming exam, you may want to have the following list of website links to help you in your preparation for the exam.


  • Math Questions (Link)
  • Grammar and Correct UsageĀ (Link)
  • Sentence CompletionĀ (Link)
  • Synonym QuestionsĀ (Link)
  • Reading ComprehensionĀ (Link)
  • Word AnalogyĀ (Link)
  • Logic ReasoningĀ (Link)
  • Numerical ReasoningĀ (Link)
  • Vocabulary QuestionsĀ (Link)

  • English Grammar and Correct Usage Sample Tests (Link)
  • Civil Service Exam Reviewer Clerical Operations (Link)
  • Numerical Reasoning Practice Test (Link)
  • Reading Comprehension Test, Exercise and Strategies (Link)

Team Lyqa

  • Speed Math Problems (Link)
  • Word Problems (Link)
  • Geometry (Link)
  • English (Link)

Others Useful Links

  • Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewers 2017 (Scribd Link)
  • Part 1 of CSE Professional (Scribd Link)
  • Philippine Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2012 (Scribd Link)
  • Civil Service Online Reviewer. (Website Link)
  • RA 6713 –Ā An Act Establishing a Code of Conduct and Ethical StandardsĀ (Download Link)

Must to know Links




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