remedialexamsHi! I just want to inform all of my students that the final result of all the efforts you exerted (I hope you did exert???) for almost 6 months.

As far as I have observed, I can see very few who deserves to be. Many were just contented of having just a passing grade even if it is 3.0 or 75 as long as they passed. haha. You should take note, that all of your grades are your bullets in finding the right and appropriate job later on.

As they say, there is always tomorrow. There is still last semester in your college life where you can do your best. Avoid having INComplete grade even 3.0 or 5.0 grade. Aim for the best, aim for 1.X. šŸ˜‰

Enough for too much blah blah. Here are the students who will undergo remedial examination. Last chance to prove you deserve to go on with the next semester. These students actually have below 75 average grade (should be 5.0) and just given the last chance:

Abo, Rhea May Saldivar-x
Cruz, Carissa Joy Rodriguez-x
Alego, Christy Tamtam-x
Domingo, Joshua Agustin-x
Felipe, Jovelyn Acob-x
Gerodias, Analiza Dalog-x
Madriaga, Kathleen Ann Velasco-x
Pascua, Karen Baclao-x
Sablay, Jay-mark Dela Cruz-x
Santos, Mylene Lagarteja-xy

Abad, Gloria Abani-x
Agonoy, Jacqueline Jandoc-x
Dionisio, John Rex Almazan-y
Laranan, Kevin Lacambra-y
Rebultan, Sunshine Tabangay-x
Cariazo, Caesar Son Ace Gamata-yz
Cruz, Arnel Angelo Asis-yz
Malapit, Joshua Mark Corpuz-y
Tibayan Eloisa Libungan-xy
Andres, Emily Bacneg-y
Aquino, Charlie Dela PeƱa-y
Barcelona, Shierwin Santos-x
Bindol, Danilo Jr. Angala-x
Bulaklak, Gilbert Guadines-y
Gumaru Richard Tolentino-y
Arigo, Milagros Pacle-x
Benitez, Sheena Agas-x
Cano, Jonathan Gamido-xy
Garcia, Melinda Beronilla-y
Gorospe, Leony Mundo-y
Mamauag, Eugene Vinasoy-x
Perez, Lynrd Allan Pacoacoin-y
Petines Randon C-xy
Puig, Kheshia Rosalinda Mendoza-xy
Ramos, Pearl Keicelene Galolo-xy
Regino, Wilpeard Olaer-x
Ronas, Nympha Corpuz-y
Singayan, Neil Joe Fran Rambac II-x
Sta Agata, Michael Daceras-xy
Velasco Margie Velayo-x

If you are one of the names listed above,

X – please prepare for the remedial exam. In the 60 item exam, you must get at least 36 points to pass this exam. If you failed to get the points, it means you can enroll again this subject this coming semester.


Y – comply the lacking requirements. It might be a project, exam, and the like.

Z – takeĀ a major exam, either prelim, midterm or final exam.

If you have these THREE letters, then you need to comply all of these. All with letter X will have their remedial exam on Monday, October 27, 2014 from 1:00PM to 4:00PM. Don’t hesitate to contact me for clarifications. Good Luck!



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