I. Final Examination

Failing in prelim exam and midterm exam is really a big problem of passing the whole subject. With this online activity, you are able to cope with it at least by having an online exam instead of written exam.

With online exam, you can open your lecture notes, use your cellphone to ask someone aboutĀ the answer, look after google, or evenĀ take the exam together with your classmates. Oops. Don’t forget the timer? At least 1 hour for this 60 item online exam. The 50 total points will be computedĀ and the rest will be additional points.

If you don’t feel taking this exam and afraid of losing 10 pesos for the 30 minutes or 20 pesos for the 1 hour exam, then you can see me and take examination! But you are not allowed to open your notes, and should strictly follow the rules!

Upon reading this, you may take the examination now. Login at https://erickabuzo.com/class , open the class, and click quizzesĀ at the left side and start taking the online exam.

Online Exam Schedule: 12AM October 13 to October 14 12Midnight. Take the online exam anytime you want.

If you failed to take the exam in the scheduled time, a set of new test questions will be given in a new scheduled time.

Beware: I knew if you we’re cheating. If someone tells me that someone took the exam in your behalf, sorry no more explanation! You know what I mean!

II. Final Project

Project submission as agreed is expected to be submitted last friday, October 9, 2015 and extended until today October 12, 2015 of 12 midnight.

Well, it is also common that some always didn’t make it on the deadline. I am sorry I can accept your projects if you will comply to any of the following options:

  • Submit the video at youtube, send me the URL via facebook message, and burn & submit the video in CD w/ label. – October 13, 2015
  • Create a new video connecting three computers, submit the video at youtube, send me the URL via facebook message. – October 15, 2015.

If still you can’t comply with it, you can still comply with it but you must connect five computers which is until march 2016. But you have an INComplete grade!



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