How to have a FREE premium domain

1. Visit

2. Input your desired domain in the textbox ( example: jaydelacruz
3. Click “Check Availability”.
4. You should get this message “is available – One year domain registration for $0”, else search for another.
5. Click “Continue to Registration”
6. Fill out the form to register. Take note of your active email address, username, and password.

For these steps, you should have already a hosting account. If you haven’t, please buy a hosting and proceed to step #7.
7. Click “Manage Domain”. Please login first using your email as username.
8. Select your domain you want to manage
9. Select “Nameservers”
10. Input the nameservers given by your hosting. It is usually comes in pair. (example:,
11. Lastly, click update.

Note: You will wait for a maximum of 48 hrs for the domain and hosting to be connected.



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