If you are wondering how to have FREE internet service by using your neighbor’s internet connection, don’t you worry now. Instead of spending prepaid loads over and over again into your broadband kits, why not use this very hacking tool to crack your neighbor’s WiFi password?


  • Linux Operating System particularly Ubuntu 10.04 version
  • Software “Python” specifically version 2.4.5 or version 2.5.2

Tools you may use:

  • aircrack-ng (v1.1) suite. Get it via ubuntu terminal and type “apt-get install aircrack-ng”
  • python-tk module. Use terminal viaĀ  “apt-get install python-tk”
  • mac changer. Get it via terminal by typing “apt-get install macchanger”
  • wifite.py. Download at http://wifite.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/wifite.py

After installing the tools above, you may try one by one by going to your ubuntu applications and look for these tools. You can customize each by using few arguments to automate your WiFi cracking process.

In my experience, I have tested the wifite + python + ubuntu 10.04 to be working. I have cracked the WiFi password of one of the hotels in manila when I attended seminars a year ago.



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