In some cases, there were instances that you need some functionalities of your smartphone to do a task which it cannot because it is not rooted.

In my experience, the FRAMAROOT app is the easiest and fastest way to root our smartphones. Why do we need to root our phone? For me, because I can:

  • save space in my internal memory by forcing apps to move to my external memory card
  • backup my apps/sms/phonebook
  • go inside my phone’s root files
  • reprogram my phone’s software
  • change the my phone’s firmware or operating system
  • secure more my phone
  • install more apps that require root requirements
  • and more (too many to mention)

Now, there are things you should take note before rooting your phone.

  1. Check your smartphone model if it’s in the list [HERE]. Take note of the exploit where your phone is listed (ex: boromir).
  2. After doing number 1, download [FRAMAROOT apk here.]


  1. If you used a computer to download the apk, transfer it to your phone and install it.
  2. Run the framaroot app.
  3. Select superSu or superUser.
  4. Choose the appropriate exploit as you have noted above.
  5. Reboot your device.
  6. Enjoy!

Note: Make sure that your battery is not below half of your battery meter. Clean your cache first before doing this tutorial for faster result.


Try at your own risk. The author has no liability to any lose of files or damage to your devices that may occur by following the steps provided here. This is for learning purposes only.



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