From “What happened to my free domain company?” article by Daniel Chun ( SEO Expert )

Dear CO.CC users

Probably, you and I have same question, what happened to this CO.CC free Domain company in South Korea?

Well… around 10days ago, (starting Nov 1st , 2012) , this free CO.CC company’s front page has been closed except login and Spam abuse report link only.

then suddenly, all my 50 SEO site with domain is falling down one by one and ,,, finally ALL DEAD TODAY Nov 12, 2012

The November 12, 2012 is RIP (rest in peace) day of CO.CC free domain

it is too painful that, I lost all my SEO sites and many free blog sites
Many people suggest that this company will be gone due to the many reasons,
1. hosting many illegal Spam site
2. No one can find out Who is Who
3. FREE is not Trust-able..
4. Google will not index your listing
5. $10 paypal fee for 100 domain name is Scam! since it only last 3 months

Situation is like this:

maybe, many free domain company (exactly saying, Sub-domain Company) offer hundreds of free domain with $1-$10Donation request, ( actually, it is not an donation, you are paying 1sub-domain/10cent . then thousands of thousands people buy this useless domains and operate the site for couple of months, and this free domain company will be disappeared,

Just get the Money and gone forever!

Since this company is located and hosting their domain outside of USA, it is pretty difficult to bring them to court.

Beware of Free Domain offer!!!! or Also, $1 domain offer also ( 1st year will cost $1, and second year, you will pay $100/domain,, Yes, $100/domain —>

it is always good to have a .com domain name from big domain company like or reputable big company, it will cost $10-15/year , but their service is Always good and stable.

I had a good lesson with this Free domain and Free Zpanel Case ( Free Zpanel is the same, it suddenly crash, and I lost a lot of time to fix this problem)
Currently, I’m paying around $450 for Cpanel License fee and moving Zpanel to Cpanel

also, I’m going to move all my CO.CC domain to .COM domain
But it was good Free Practice to hosting server with Free domain and Free Centos Server with Free Zpanel, I learned a lot of thing + GOOD LESSON!!!

My Parents Always said, “Get the Best One always, even if it is little bit more Expensive, it will pay off” “Getting Cheap One will Eventually Cost more Later!”



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