At last, my class record was finally finished. The grades of my students in the subject IT 50 Network Technology and IT 88 Network Administration & Maintenance are already recorded and submitted!

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By the way, I’ll give you the summary result of the grades as per my class record. Before that, after encoding all the raw grades, the following PLUS POINTS were included to help my students earn more:

  • intramurals participation (champion +5, 1st runner up +4, 2nd runner up +3, participation/tryout +1)
  • notebook (+10 assignment grade)
  • wearing of complete uniform (+2 quiz grade)
  • online bonus quizzes (20 item bonus items)
  • extra items (30 items bonus questions)
  • laboratory exam (extra 10 items)

AfterĀ inclusion of the above plus points, grades were tabulated. Excess score in final examination were added to midterm and prelim exam score, and the rest were distributed to prelim/quiz.

The total transmutted grade were adjusted also by 0.50 to the benefit of the studentsĀ to lessen the number of failing grades. If you have questions and clarification, please do not hesitate to contact me via facebook or see me personally!

Finally, the following are the result of the FINALĀ GRADES COMPUTATION:


BSIT 1-3: Incomplete Grade (Aguilar-NFP, Ballesteros-NFE, Mauili-NFP, Parallag-NFP); Dropped (Manlanat); Failed (Baniqued, Calderon, Eustaquio, GasparR, Omanito, Reyes, Sintos, Soriano, Tacac, Ulsan). Legend: NFP=NoFinalProject, NFE=NoFinalExam.


BSIT 1-4: Incomplete Grades (Abuy-NFP, Adorna-NFP, Anciano-NME/NFP, Andres-NFP, Battad-NFP, Bayudoc-NFP, Blas-NFP, Camonayan-NME, DelaCruzA-NME, Labog-NFP, Rosario-NFP, Tejada-NME); Dropped (Bulan, Porquillano); Failed (Alejo, Dayao, DeVera, Esmino, Espiloy, Gatcho, Lano, Lasam, Mendoza, Raguine).Ā Legend: NFP=NoFinalProject, NFE=NoFinalExam, NME=NoMidtermExam.


BSIT 1-5: Incomplete Grades (NFP=Ancheta, Lopez, MadriagaS, MartinezJ, MartinezM, MendozaE, Orbe, Sapuay, Siocson, Tamang); Dropped (Gannaban, EugenioKas, Nelmida); Failed (Caliboso, Cariaga, MadriagaJ, Mamauag, Nicolas, Parallag, Recobo, Telan, Zalun).


BSIT 1-6:Ā Dropped (DelaPaz, Feliciano, Subong); Failed (Dapitan, Deba, Ernie, Estabillo, FerrerJo, FerrerJu Malano, Manahan, Miguel, Nogal, Pacarangan, Ramos, Valdez MaryAnn).


BSIT 4-1: Incomplete Grade (Puyong, Vergara); Failed (Cuaresma).


BSIT 4-2: Incomplete Grade (TagapanM), Dropped (Zamora), Failed (Balisi, Bangilan, Bangit, Cabacungan, Cipriano, Deculing, Pagulayan, Pengco, TagapanJ).

If you wonder why some of your classmates you knew that doesn’t have a project or didn’t take the exam are not graded as INCOMPLETE. Well, for fairness and justice, these students that has no project or exam cannot meet the minimum 75 target grade even they submit the project or take the exam. Thus, I gave them the 5.0 grade instead of having sweat and make an effort to complete the requirements and later will be given also a failing grade. Hoping, that explains!

CONGRATULATIONS to all who passed in the subject. Those who failed, you can re-enroll it this coming semester with the freshmen students. All who has incomplete grade due to non-submission of complete project, or didn’t take the major exams, please see me.

Good Luck and Happy Semestral Break!



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