Hi Guys! May I congratulate you for coming this far in our subject. I know you already exerted efforts to finish this subject. Even I was that strict in implementing such rules, you still maintain your patience and tried your best to beĀ a good and responsible student.

Before I finally compute your grades, I want to give youĀ last activity which you can earn reward points to be added in your assignment, quizĀ points as well as exam points.

1. Rate me as your teacher – 5pts

Visit this link – RATE ME
Please rate me as honest as you are. Just be true to yourselves.

“Teacher should teach the students the right way! Disciplined students are better employees and businessmen someday!”

2. Like and Share HostScripter Fanpage – 5pts

Visit http://facebook.com/hostscripter
Please click LIKE button and ask your friend to like it too.
If you’ll help HostScripter reached 2,500 likes then you’ll get 5pts.
Hoping you can do it for a limited time.

3. Online Class’ Full Profile – 3pts

While you are login at online class, go to your account and upload your photo and complete other profile details.

4. Comment at my page – 5pts

Visit https://erickabuzo.com/class.Ā Write a comment with your photo answering Who Am I? or should I say, Who is Sir Erick for you?



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