PRELIM PERIOD: Website Checking Guidelines
January 15 to January 21, 2015


1. Check and Rate 5 co-students. Visit
The next 4 numbers after you in your same section are those who will check. And your number which is the same in the next section is also assigned to you to be checked. Ex: If you are number 6 of BSIT2-2, you will check number 7,8,9,10 in the same section, and you will check also number 6 of BSIT2-3.

Special Cases where there is no student number present in the next section whom to be checked or there is no student number present from the next section who will check you. Here is the list:

BSIT 2-4 BSIT 2-1
50 Valdevarona, Crizell CadeliƱa will check 50 Tiu, James Jr. Corpuz
51 Viernes, Angie Languido will check 51 Torres, Claujon Estabillo
BSIT 2-2 BSIT 2-1
51 Villotica, Redebel Daguio will check 52 Valdez, Marycris Britos
52 Zalun, Melony Duca will check 53 Vallejo, Josephine Marie De vera
BSIT 2-1 BSIT 2-4
53 Vallejo, Josephine Marie De vera will check 51 Viernes, Angie Languido

2. Now that you have all the names and domain names of those whom you will check, visit and follow on-screen instructions. One website, One online checking form. Please take note that if you answered NO in one of the checklist requirements, the checking to the website is already finished and it is a must to write the comment/remarks. Ex: If you encountered that the lovers page has only two photos, you give it an answer “NO”, and write in the comment box “lovers page must be at least 4 photos”.

Be sure to answer as honest as possible, because the rating you gave can be your deduction if you rated it wrongly.


3. Grading System for Prelim Project
Sir Erick grade = 50%
Your classmates (4 checkers) = 30%
Your batchmate (1 checker) = 20%

4. All checking forms must be submitted until 12midnight of January 21, 2015. Checking form is only available online through Google Docs to avoid cheating. Submission of checking form beyond the deadline will be forfeited.

5. Take note to answer correctly and accurately the CHECKER PROFILE INFORMATION to credit your rating or else you will be given deduction for every checking form submitted wrongly, likewise considered also as no submission. These profile informations are used for identity validation.



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