remedialexamsIt is started. You knew now why you failed. You failed to meet the appropriate scores in major exams which have the higher alloted percentage.

This is now your last chance to prove you have guts. I know you have. Just don’t be shy to show and express it. Bring it on. Bring it out.


1st – Appear personally in-front of me. I’ll tell you what areas you didn’t excel why you failed.

2nd – Sign in the attendance with your contact. Present a completion form with receipt of completion.

3rd – Receive an SMS from me containing your new account details in taking the exam at Do not use the original account you use in our online class.

4th – From 6PM today up to 6PM tomorrow, choose any convenient time you want and take the exam online. Bring your notes, access online lectures, bring student handbook, visit and surely these gives you answers. 😉

5th – Login at online class, click more, select quiz, and select NETWORK: REMEDIAL EXAM.

6th – The next day, get the other half copy of your completion form. Keep this completion form and never loose it. This is an evidence that you have grade.


Don’t hesitate to reply on this post if you have questions and clarification.



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