Your shared hosting account can only use a limited amount of system resources. If you are overusing resources on your hosting account, you should review your hosted sites to see if they match any of these common causes.

Cause Description
Storing large files or file collections Improperly using your hosting account’s storage space
Sites that promote spamming Letting anonymous users to spam elements of your website
Unrestricted or anonymous user creation Letting anonymous users to create site content
Web scraping, indexing, and scanning applications Hosting applications that scan massive amounts of external site data
Auto-blogging, article spinning, and SEO-inflation Automating external content creation for invalid SEO purposes
Mass merchant affiliates and cloned websites Cloning multiple external websites for invalid SEO purposes
Mass-emailing platforms Sending massive email campaigns through your web hosting
Outdated applications and add-ons Hosting applications or plugins that are outdated and pose security risks
Other common causes Hosting poorly scripted applications, hosting compromised sites, etc.

We are not able to support custom scripting or third-party applications. You can review these guides for general information, but ultimately you will be responsible for diagnosing, troubleshooting, and correcting any issues that can exist in your sites or applications.

Additional resource usage causes (resource overusage)

Besides the common causes for resource usage, there are some additional possibilities that can contribute to overusing hosting resources.

Is this an issue for me?

Here are some common additional symptoms and causes of resource overusage:

  • Poor scripting and/or site optimization
  • Poor code quality in third-party applications, add-ons, and plugins
  • Websites or applications that have been compromised
  • Cron tasks or other automation that runs resource-intensive commands

How can I correct this issue?

You can try to correct excessive resource usage by following any and all of these steps:

  • Review code and error logs for possible loops, errors, or other bugs.
  • Keep all web applications, add-ons, and plugins up to date at all times.
  • Ensure that you are following good site optimization practices.
  • Review any cron tasks that can use additional resources.
  • Review all hosted content for possible compromise.
  • Implement additional security measures on your site, such as SiteLock.
  • Leave shared hosting and migrate to a VPS or dedicated server.

Next Steps

If you are still experiencing issues with resource usage, review your hosting for other possible causes at Common causes for resource overusage (Linux).

You will want to make sure that you are correcting the underlying cause to any resource issue. Simply removing sites and/or files without correcting the underlying issue can cause the problem to recur.

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