I was stunned and challenged when I read an article about mobile phone tricks. I have already the experience of sending FREE SMS even if I do not have prepaid load by using the internet. I can send FREE SMS through any of the following:

  • Chikka Messenger (most recommended)
  • Yahoo Messenger

Now, just what I have said a while back, an article telling that we could send FREE SMS using our own Phone even if we do not have load by following these steps:

  1. Turn OFF and ON your phone to make sure no other applications running that could interrupt this activation process.
  2. Go to the dial option of your phone.
  3. Dial *#746025625#
  4. You should see “SIM CLOCK STOP ALLOWED” message.
  5. You may now send FREE SMS as proven by dazford2012 from

Based from my research, this code stands for Sim Clock, and it stops the clock in the sim card, thus we may send FREE SMS. To disallow it, just dial the code again. Most of the forum on the net, this works on Nokia Phone.

Hey guys, can you try it by yourself? I haven’t made this successful yet, but I am still trying different kinds of phones, simcards, and network provider. And please do not hesitate to post comments if you got it.



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