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How to setup Email in iPhone or iPod Touch?

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This article will show you how to setup email on your iPhone or iPod Touch. While the screen shots are from an iPhone they should work on any iOS device.

How to configure the iPhone,the iPod Touch


    1. TapĀ Settings
    2. TapĀ Mail, Contacts, Calendars



    1. Add Mail Account



    1. ChooseĀ Other


New Account Information




    1. Enter your Name
    2. Enter your email address as the Address
    3. Enter the password for your email address
    4. Tap Next

Incoming Mail Server




      • Host Name: This is typically your domain name preceded by “mail.”. This can be found in the E-mail Accounts section of the cPanel, underĀ MoreĀ >Ā Configure Mail Client.
      • User Name: Your email address.
      • Password: The password for your email address.

        Outgoing Mail Server


      • Host Name: This is the same as the incoming server.
      • User Name: This is required and again is your email address.
      • Password: The password for your email address.
      • Tap Next.

Cannot Verify Server Identity

This error message it is due to the SSL certificate being used for the mail server is *.Justhost.com. To use the SSL Certificate simply click Continue.



How to store Sent, Drafts and Trash on the server

To do this please go toĀ SettingsĀ >Ā Mail, Contacts, Calendars

        1. Choose your email account
        2. TapĀ Advanced



        1. UnderĀ Mailbox BehaviorsĀ choose the mailbox you wish to configure.



        1. Choose the corresponding folder on the server you wish to save the email in.



        1. Repeat the above steps for any other folders you wish to store on the server.


iPhone 5’s fever

Courtesy: Doug Gross, CNN

Courtesy: Doug Gross, CNN

(CNN)Ā — Thousands of die-hard fans of Apple’s iconic smartphone endured long overnight lines outside Apple retail stores around the world to be among the first Friday to buy the new iPhone 5.

Near the front of a line of about 200 people Friday morning, Horton said he got about an hour’s worth of sleep while meeting new friends from what he called “the iPhone family.” Ā Follow story HERE.

Samsung Pays $1B to Apple

Yesterday, around 30 delivery trucks filled up with coins in 5 cents denomination arrived at Appleā€™s headquarters in California.
At first, security personnel in charge in the facility thought that these trucks were at the wrong place but it’s not. The Samsung CEO phoned the Apple CEO and confirmed that the truck of billions of coins was for them. It was the payment for the charges as a result of the dispute between the two companies about a patent suspectedly copied by Samsung from iPhone.
As Apple wins over the Samsung, it is not said in the contract any clause about how was the payment will be made. Samsung CEO is a genius geek that knows how to play, and that’s really funny when someone pays an obligation a million pieces of coins. Haha!
Now, the questions are:
  1. How does Apple count the money in a fastest way? Will they hire additional crews for this?
  2. Is there a bank that would accept this tons of coins?

Lee Kun-Hee, Chairman of Samsung Electronics, told the media that his company is not going to be intimidated by a group of ā€œgeeks with styleā€ and that if they want to play dirty, they also know how to do it.Ā From:Ā InfoLinkZone

A total of 20 billion coins, deliver hope to finish this week.

Letā€™s see how Apple will respond to this


Source: https://www.facebook.com/InfoLinkZone

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