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Website Checking Guidelines – 2nd Sem 2015-2016

PRELIM PERIOD: Website Checking Guidelines

Schedule: January 13 to January 20, 2016
1. Check and Rate 5 co-students. Visit https://erickabuzo.com/web-programming-class-2nd-sem-2015-2016/.

The next 4 numbers after you in your same section are those who will check. And your number which is the same in the next section is also assigned to you to be checked. Ex: If you are number 6 of BSIT2-2, you will check number 7,8,9,10 in the same section, and you will check also number 6 of BSIT2-3.Special Cases where there is no student number present in the next section whom to be checked or there is no student number present from the next section who will check you. Here is the list (rater will check the ratee):

2. Now that you have all the names and domain names of those whom you will check, visit and follow on-screen instructions. One website, One online checking form. Please take note that if you answered NO in one of the checklist requirements, the checking to the website is already finished and it is a must to write the comment/remarks. Ex: If you encountered that the lovers page has only two photos, you give it an answer “NO”, and write in the comment box “lovers page must be at least 4 photos”.

Be sure to answer as honest as possible, because the rating you gave can be your deduction if you rated it wrongly.

Online Checking Forms

Website Checking is ended!

3. Grading System for Prelim Project
Sir Erick grade = 50%
Your classmates (4 checkers) = 30%
Your batchmate (1 checker) = 20%

4. All checking forms must be submitted until 12 midnight of January 20, 2016. Checking form is only available online through Google Docs to avoid cheating. Submission of checking form beyond the deadline will be forfeited.

5. Take note to answer correctly and accurately the CHECKER PROFILE INFORMATION to credit your rating or else you will be given deduction for every checking form submitted wrongly, likewise considered also as no submission. These profile informations are used for identity validation.

My Students: Second Semester 2014-2015


1 Agcaioli, Merlyn Baysa http://merlynagcaioli.cu.cc
2 Agustin, Karen Long-ayan http://karenagustin.cu.cc
3 Alcantara, Diana Parangan http://dianagandaalcantara.cu.cc
4 Alejandro, Jofel Grace Ann Villanueva http://jofgrace.cu.cc
5 Alindayu, Joyce Cardona http://joycealindayu.cu.cc
6 Alonzo, Camille Ann Bumanglag http://camilleannalonzo.cu.cc
7 Andaya, Michelle Acob http://michelleandaya.cu.cc
8 Aradanas, Alma Gomez http://almaaradanas.cu.cc
9 Astrero, Leah Pascual http://leahastrero.cu.cc
10 Biloy, Jhonrey Acob http://jadebiloy.cu.cc
11 Cadeliña, Cedric Claudio
12 Cuntapay, Jennyfer Solito http://jhencuntapay.cu.cc
13 Dalire, Angelo Rapio http://dalireangelokilo.cu.cc
14 Domingo, Erold Valdez http://erolddomingo.cu.cc
15 Dumincil, Geords-Mar Dalauidao http://geordsdumincil.cu.cc
16 Dumrique, Mark Robert Victorio http://markrobertdumrique.cu.cc
17 Dumrique, Sharon Gomez http://sharondumrique.cu.cc
18 Fernandez, Arjay Dela Cruz http://arjayfernandez.cu.cc
19 Fernandez, Jocelle Enriquez http://jocellefernandez.cu.cc
20 Gallardo, Harold King Benitez http://haroldgallardo.cu.cc
21 Gamiao, Ronald Larona http://ronaldgamiao.cu.cc
22 Gammad, Judd Karlo Dicolen http://karlgammad.cu.cc
23 Gammad, Rickmar Iniego http://gammadrickmar.cu.cc
24 Gaspar, Jeanilyn Ines http://jeanilyninesgaspar.cu.cc
25 Gotango, Jemmarie Bautista http://jemmariegotango.cu.cc
26 Labasan, Mark Dangpalew http://labasanmarkreniel.cu.cc
27 Lapat, Jennelyn Villanueva http://jenlapat.cu.cc
28 Liao, Angelica Alabon http://angelliao.cu.cc
29 Mabanag, Michelle Cadiz http://pandog.cu.cc
30 Mabanag, Relita Lopez http://relitamabanag.cu.cc
31 Mackay, Amitha Igona http://amithamackay.cu.cc
32 Manglanlan, Christian Claire Ramones http://christianmanglanlan.cu.cc
33 Mariano, Leslie Joy Cardona http://lesliejoy.cu.cc
34 Martin, Angelica Clarion http://mcgel.cu.cc
35 Mayo, Angelo De Guzman http://angelomayo.cu.cc
36 Miguel, Joana Marie Lachica http://joanamarie06.cu.cc
37 Montanes, Lorime Rapio http://redcat.cu.cc
38 Montemayor, Juneil Reyes http://juneilmontemayor.cu.cc
39 Niebla, Roberto III Udarbe http://bobsledniebla.cu.cc
40 Novillero, John Patrick Tadeo http://patricknovillero.cu.cc
41 Pastor, Carlo Dave Bartolome http://carlodavepastor.cu.cc
42 Pillo, Sharmaine Nica Cabarloc http://sharmainepillo.cu.cc
43 Piza, Deczan Gamido http://deczanpiza.cu.cc
44 Quebral, Richell Quilang http://richellquebral.cu.cc
45 Rejano, Kevin Mariano http://kevinrejano12.cu.cc
46 Sabulao, Melody Quilang http://melodysabulao.cu.cc
47 Santos, Joseph Mendoza http://josephsantos.cu.cc
48 Tacang, Rodolfo macadangdang http://rodolfotacang.cu.cc
49 Timbreza, Jabel Dan Cabal http://jabel30.cu.cc
50 Tiu, James Jr. Corpuz http://tiujamesjr.cu.cc
51 Torres, Claujon Estabillo http://claujontorres.cu.cc
52 Valdez, Marycris Britos http://crisvaldez.cu.cc
53 Vallejo, Josephine Marie De vera http://josephinemarievallejo.cu.cc




1 Aggabao Jerry Boy Liban http://jerryboy.cu.cc
2 Albano, Lean Dale Grutas http://leandalealbano.cu.cc
3 Alcalde, Jessica Labuguen http://jessicaalcalde.cu.cc
4 Alvarez, Jonald Abad http://jonaldalvarez.com
5 Angala, Kristine Soliben http://kristineangala.cu.cc
6 Bartolome, Kerwin Serrano http://kersweb.cu.cc
7 Batugal, Angel Pearl Factora http://apbatugal.cu.cc
8 Bayucan, Jinky Dela Peña http://jinkybayucan.cu.cc
9 Bueno, Marinel Juan http://marinelbueno.cu.cc
10 Cabauatan, Adelfa Lazaro http://adelfacabauatan.com
11 Cabauatan, Angelo Lazaro http://angelocabauatan.com
12 Cabiguen, Evelyn Amansic http://cabiguenevelyn.cu.cc
13 Calumpit, Richelle Joy Elardo http://richellejoycalumpit.cu.cc
14 Coniega, Camille Salinas http://camilleconiega.cu.cc
15 Cuntapay, Venjie Taguinod http://venjiecuntapay.cu.cc
16 Darcen, Sharlenne Mei Berdoz http://lennedarcen.com
17 Dayao, Marjory Ramelo  http://marjorydayao.cu.cc
18 Dela Cruz, Jennileth Nyka Rasquero http://jennilethnykadelacruz.cu.cc
19 Dela Cruz, Marlon Dugay http://marlondelacruz.cu.cc
20 Delos Santos, Jackeline Valdez http://jackydelossantos.cu.cc
21 Delos Santos, Ronabel http://ronabeldelossantos.cu.cc
22 Domingo, Princess Joy Maniego http://princesslyrah.com
23 Edica, Joy Mago http://joyedica.cu.cc
24 Encinas, Michelle Laureta http://michelleencinas.cu.cc
25 Gaboni, Rosemarie Lopez http://rosemariegaboni.cu.cc
26 Gaffud, Leah Rigdao http://leahgaffud.com
27 Gonzales, Jovelyn Agustin http://jhovie.cu.cc
28 Guzman, Irene Mae Posidio http://guzmanirenemae.cu.cc
29 Juan, Dernabeth Valdez http://dernabethjuan.cu.cc
30 Juan, Jayson Corpuz http://jaysonjuan.cu.cc
31 Lajo, Ivy Joy Miguel http://ivyjoylajo.com
32 Lazaro, Jenny Ann Alkie http://orazal.cu.cc
33 Lazaro, Judy Ann Alkie http://jalaroza.cu.cc
34 Lopez, Imelda Tapaoan http://imeldalopez.cu.cc
35 Mamauag, Jenivy Laggui http://jenivymamauag.cu.cc
36 Manglanlan, Camille Seguban http://camillemanglanlan.cu.cc
37 Mexia, Monet Mendoza http://monetmexia.com
38 Moncada, Joshua Mari Orodio http://joshuamarimoncada.cu.cc
39 Natividad, Ellen Gascon http://natividadellen.cu.cc
40 Nortado, Ian Sabar ins-nortado.cu.cc
41 Paguirigan, Rey-Annjoy Saldo http://reyannjoypagui.cu.cc
42 Palacio, Maricris Aduca http://maricrispalacio.com
43 Pattawi, Jarel Buena http://gammaprince.cu.cc
44 Quiming, Nica Jane Balaan http://nicajane.cu.cc
45 Ramiscal, Dany Mae Ordillo http://danymaeramiscal.cu.cc
46 Servilla, Gilmar Adriano http://gilmar.cu.cc
47 Somera, Ren Ren Valenzuela http://rhensomera.cu.cc
48 Soriano, Alona Bugarin http://absoriano.cu.cc
49 Vallejo, Allan Marayag http://allanvallejo.cu.cc
50 Villanueva, Jackielyn Aliñabon http://jackyvillanueva.cu.cc
51 Villotica, Redebel Daguio http://redshadow.info
52 Zalun, Melony Duca http://melony.cu.cc


1 Acosta, April Joy Magaoay http://apriljoyacosta.cu.cc
2 Agbayani, Mark Anthony Landel Mabanag http://markanthonylandelagbayani.cu.cc
3 Agcaoili, Angeline Gonzales http://angelinegonzalesagcaoili.cu.cc
4 Agpaoa, Jenelyn Puerto http://jenagpaoa.cu.cc
5 Agustin, Rochelle Lalican http://agustinrochelle.cu.cc
6 Aguto, Michelle Buemio http://michelleaguto.cu.cc
7 Ambrosio, Efren James Viray http://bigjames.cu.cc
8 Aquino, Russell Narag http://russellaquino.cu.cc
9 Arizala, Roshellie Mayh Mangaoang http://roshelliemayh.cu.cc
10 Babaranhttp://, Julie Ann Domingo http://julieannbabaran.cu.cc
11 Baclig, Chrizel Solano http://chrizelbaclig.cu.cc
12 Calapoto, Jean Claire Melchor http://jeanclairecalapoto.cu.cc
13 Cristobhttp://al, Ronalyn Dingrat http://ronalyncristobal.cu.cc
14 Cuntapay, Jayson Robles http://jaysoncuntapay.cu.cc
15 Curampez, Mark-Anthony http://markcurampez.cu.cc
16 Dalauidao, Jeff Valle http://jeffdalauidao.com
17 dela Cruz, Melo Jane Padegdeg http://delacruzmelojane.cu.cc
18 Delos Santos, Nigel Raza
19 Dingrat, Gemma Lopez http://gemmadingrat.cu.cc
20 Domingo, Marie Glenn Aquino http://marieglenndomingo.cu.cc
21 Ganal, Lady Queen Pablo http://lqganal.com
22 Gumangan, Raffy Cordero http://raffygumangan.net
23 Laggui, John Herine Gonzales http://herinelaggui.cu.cc
24 Lagutan, Liezl Ramones http://liezllagutan.cu.cc
25 Lazaro, Levy Agustin http://levylazaro.com
26 Libunao, Clenia Oreña http://clenialibunao.cu.cc
27 Liggayu, Kimberly Joy Cabangcla http://kimliggayu.com
28 Lumahog, John Robert Malapit http://robertlumahog.cu.cc
29 Mabandus, Wahid Matuan http://wahidmabandus.net
30 Maddalora, Aron Bryle Sapian http://aronmaddalora.cu.cc
31 Malana, Bianca Mariza Obenar http://biancamarizamalana.cu.cc
32 Mendoza, Jomari Caasi http://jomari-mendoza.cu.cc
33 Opiana, Mary Ann Tacadena http://maryannopiana.cu.cc
34 Pacis, Aiza Rodriguez http://aizapacis.cu.cc
35 Pagarigan, Ronalyn Salazar http://ronalynpagarigan.cu.cc
36 Paguirigan, Rosebelt Cristobal http://rosebeltpaguirigan.cu.cc
37 Pajarillo, Allan Villa http://allanpajarillo.cu.cc
38 Palioc, Alvin Yrigon http://alvinpalioc.cu.cc
39 Ramel, Edpolghil Mabanag http://edpolghilramel.cu.cc
40 Ramirez, Gerlyn Baclig http://ramirezgerlyn.cu.cc
41 Rico, Maricel Domingo http://maricelrico.cu.cc
42 Ringor, Olive Lyn Quibilan http://olivelyn.cu.cc
43 Rumbaoa, Melanie Domingo http://melanie.cu.cc
44 Sacamil, Romeo Jr. Acob http://romeosacamil.cu.cc
45 Sambrano, Rowelyn Jimenez http://rowelynsambrano.cu.cc
46 Solito, Mark Agas http://marksolito.cu.cc
47 Taguba, Diana Rose Recobo http://dianarosetaguba.cu.cc
48 Tapic, Ma. Cecillia Verra
49 Valdez, Joey N. http://joeyvaldez.cu.cc
50 Villegas, Jezrell Bona http://jezrellvillegas.com


1 Ablao, Sheila Domingo http://prettysheila.cu.cc
2 Acoba, Greg Fernan Antonio http://acobag.cu.cc
3 Agustin, Cynthia Marquez
4 Agustin, Edmar Madayag http://eagustin-sswm.cu.cc
5 Alipio, Leoner Osorio http://leoneralipio.cu.cc
6 Aningat, Jesthonie Arcega http://jesthonie.cu.cc
7 Araneta, Ariel Rinario
8 Ariola, Jhonny Centeno http://pathfinder.cu.cc
9 Asis, Alvin Alcaraz http://alvinasis.cu.cc
10 Balanlay, Rea Mae Abad http://reabalanlay.cu.cc
11 Baquirin, Vanessa Espinosa http://vanesabaquirin.cu.cc
12 Bersida, Becky Karl Corpuz http://beckykarl.cu.cc
13 Cadeliña, Marjorie Laggui http://pinkishjie.cu.cc
14 Cambongga, Ma. Teresa Sarcol http://teresacambongga.cu.cc
15 Camero, Mark Teo Tuppal http://markteo.cu.cc
16 Camungao, Bob Ron Uban http://cbobron.cu.cc
17 Capuchino, Rex Soriano http://rex.cu.cc
18 Carig, Richard Alvarez
19 Coderias, Girlie Diampoc http://girliecoderias.cu.cc
20 Corpuz, Christen Joy Rivera http://purple-crottenjoycorpuz.cu.cc
21 Cortez, Rosemarie Olaya http://rose-cortez.cu.cc
22 Daquioag, Catlyn Zambrano http://catlyn.cu.cc
23 Dela Cruz, Lovelyn Fernandez http://pinkylovelyn.cu.cc
24 Dela Cruz, Reyma Ramirez http://rey-ma.com
25 Dulnoan, Nariclem D. http://nariclemdulnoan.cu.cc
26 Figarola, Nickson Maltu
27 Galasinao, Noha Pascaran http://noha.cu.cc
28 Guillermo, Emie Joy Galutera http://yojeime.cu.cc
29 Ignacio, Jenny Mae http://jennymaeignacio.cu.cc
30 Luis, Michael Agustin http://greatm3.com
31 Lumingkit, Regine Adena
32 Macapinlac, Emmalyn Sebio http://emzmacapinlac.cu.cc
33 Manganaan, Honie Baldoz http://honiemanganaan.cu.cc
34 Mangaoang, Reynan Manglicmot http://reynanmangaoang.com
35 Mangoltong, Jay-R Pastor http://mangoltongjayr.cu.cc
36 Menor, Bernard Abion http://bern.cu.cc
37 Natividad, John Mark Martinez http://johnmarknatividad.cu.cc
38 Panganiban, Angelo Viernes http://super-a.cu.cc
39 Rambac, Jhon Michell Fernando http://jmrambac.cu.cc
40 Ramones, Allan Viernes http://ug-liker.com
41 Ramos, Debbie Joyce Bucog http://debbieramos.cu.cc
42 Ramos, Lovely Lopez http://abyeh-love.cu.cc
43 Rivera, Hagie Dalog http://hagierivera.cu.cc
44 Rosario, Rizza Galimba http://rizzarosario.cu.cc
45 Serrano, Jardine Leann A. http://pikaboobapja.cu.cc
46 Simeon, Lysabel Lucas
47 Suelen, Geraldyn G. http://geraldinesuelen.cu.cc
48 Ubana, Jeralyn Delfinado http://jeralynubana.cu.cc
49 Uy, Angelle Zamora http://angelleuy.cu.cc
50 Valdevarona, Crizell Cadeliña http://crizellvaldevarona.cu.cc
51 Viernes, Angie Languido http://angieviernes.cu.cc


1 Aggabao, Caroline Sidayon http://caroline.cu.cc
2 Agustin, Maygie Ramos. http://maygieagustin.cu.cc
3 Alejandro, Jester Gabriel http://alejandrogrounds.cu.cc
4 Angoluan, Aries Basorro http://ariesangoluan.cu.cc
5 Ariem, Eliza Mae Cesar http://ariem18.cu.cc
6 Bajacan, Anna Marie Alejandro
7 Bautista, Jed Cabiles http://zyperjed.cu.cc
8 Bufete, Jennel Abundabar http://jennelbufete.cu.cc
9 Bulaclac, Julieta Sanchez http://julietabulaclac.cu.cc
10 Calzada, Sweethel Joy Tumamao
11 Casilen, Maria Ela Milca Dadat http://fashiongirl.cu.cc
12 CIPRIANO, Jocelyn Celestino http://musiclover.cu.cc
13 Corpuz, Jomel Duatin http://jomelcorpuz.cu.cc
14 Daggao, Regine Polinio http://reginedaggao.cu.cc
15 Datul, Roniel Monterial
16 Dayrit, Jessabelle Amin http://jessabelledayrit.cu.cc
17 Fabian, Ernie Rasdas http://ernskyfabian.cu.cc
18 Fajardo, Jayson Quilang http://jaysonfajardo.cu.cc
19 Florig, Sarconi Ramirez http://sarconiflorig0703.cu.cc
20 Francisco, Monica Vioya http://monicavioyafrancisco.cu.cc
21 Gajes, Mary Cris Blanza http://mcgajesfields.cu.cc
22 Galapon, Mark Beejay Manuel http://galapon19.cu.cc
23 Gamboa, MarcelinoJr. Madria http://blackmale.cu.cc
24 Gamiao, Aileen Ramos http://aileengamiao.cu.cc
25 Granadozo, Elvierose Taliping
26 Jacinto, Ariane Joy Magaoay http://arianejoyjacinto.cu.cc
27 Jamile Balire Padulla balirepadulajamile.cu.cc
28 Labasan, Joyce Abad http://joycelabasan.cu.cc
29 Lambenicio, Mark Joseph Ariola http://markjosephlambenicio.cu.cc
30 Laureta, Evelyn Balacuit http://evelynlaureta.cu.cc
31 Manglicmot, Angel Grace Altising http://angelgracemanglicmot.cu.cc
32 Manzano, Kron Van Joseph Mayrina http://mkronvan29.cu.cc
33 Maraggun, Rico Jay Soriano
34 Marcena, Janice Flores http://marcena.cu.cc
35 Mayo, Roy Antonio http://roymayo31.cu.cc
36 Morales, Carah Joy Garfillo http://carahjoymorales.cu.cc
37 Pagulayan Jr., Rafael Velasco http://riel24.cu.cc
38 Paragas, Anna May Estabillo http://paragasannamay.cu.cc
39 Ramos, Dhendie Pangan http://dhendie.cu.cc
40 Reynado, Marygold Edmilao http://reynadomarygold.cu.cc
41 Romero, Erika Joy Navarro http://erikaromero.cu.cc
42 Sagario, Michael Prestoza http://mike-schaellepot.cu.cc
43 Saul, Jennilyn Ramos http://jennilynsaul.cu.cc
44 Sidic, Fatimah Labonite http://amethyst.cu.cc
45 Tabili, Renalyn Cervera http://writersloves2read.cu.cc
46 Torres, Merry Salas
47 Uy, Ma. Victoria Tolentino http://victoriauy.cu.cc
48 Viernes, Katherine Lelina
49 Zambrano, Sharmaine Rufino http://sharmainezambrano.cu.cc



.tk free domain: Alternative for .co.cc!

You should change your Domains NOW!

Since .co.cc domains are already banned and deleted, all .co.cc domains should be replaced, for us to use our existing hosting account.

•   You may apply for a new domain at www.dot.tk or search google for any free domain service.

•   It is suggested that you should not change your domain url. Only the .co.cc should be changed. Ex: juandelacruz.co.cc —> juandelacruz.tk.

•   Sometimes, if your domain has a commercial value, it would cost you some money. You should repeat the process, and input another domain name. Tip: You should not register domains which contain words that is located in the dictionary.



•   While you are in the process of .tk registration, click the “USE DNS”, input the nameservers (ex: ns1.hostscripter.com and ns2.hostscripter.com) and the equivalent IP address of each nameserver (can be determine by going to command prompt and type “ping ns1.hostscripter.com”).

•   After successful registration, send an email to your respective hosting provider requesting for the change of your domain name from previousdomain.co.cc to newdomain.tk.

Isn’t really goodbye to .co.cc?

From “What happened to my co.cc free domain company?” article by Daniel Chun ( SEO Expert )

Dear CO.CC users

Probably, you and I have same question, what happened to this CO.CC free Domain company in South Korea?

Well… around 10days ago, (starting Nov 1st , 2012) , this free CO.CC company’s front page has been closed except login and Spam abuse report link only.

then suddenly, all my 50 SEO site with co.cc domain is falling down one by one and ,,, finally ALL DEAD TODAY Nov 12, 2012

The November 12, 2012 is RIP (rest in peace) day of CO.CC free domain

it is too painful that, I lost all my SEO sites and many free blog sites
Many people suggest that this company will be gone due to the many reasons,
1. hosting many illegal Spam site
2. No one can find out Who is Who
3. FREE is not Trust-able..
4. Google will not index your listing
5. $10 paypal fee for 100 domain name is Scam! since it only last 3 months

Situation is like this:

maybe, many free domain company (exactly saying, Sub-domain Company) offer hundreds of free domain with $1-$10Donation request, ( actually, it is not an donation, you are paying 1sub-domain/10cent . then thousands of thousands people buy this useless domains and operate the site for couple of months, and this free domain company will be disappeared,

Just get the Money and gone forever!

Since this company is located and hosting their domain outside of USA, it is pretty difficult to bring them to court.

Beware of Free Domain offer!!!! or Also, $1 domain offer also ( 1st year will cost $1, and second year, you will pay $100/domain,, Yes, $100/domain —> XXXregister.com

it is always good to have a .com domain name from big domain company like godaddy.com or reputable big company, it will cost $10-15/year , but their service is Always good and stable.

I had a good lesson with this Free domain and Free Zpanel Case ( Free Zpanel is the same, it suddenly crash, and I lost a lot of time to fix this problem)
Currently, I’m paying around $450 for Cpanel License fee and moving Zpanel to Cpanel

also, I’m going to move all my CO.CC domain to .COM domain
But it was good Free Practice to hosting server with Free domain and Free Centos Server with Free Zpanel, I learned a lot of thing + GOOD LESSON!!!

My Parents Always said, “Get the Best One always, even if it is little bit more Expensive, it will pay off” “Getting Cheap One will Eventually Cost more Later!”

Free Domain for your Website

How to have a FREE premium domain

1. Visit www.co.cc

2. Input your desired domain in the textbox (www.__________.co.cc) example: jaydelacruz
3. Click “Check Availability”.
4. You should get this message “is available – One year domain registration for $0”, else search for another.
5. Click “Continue to Registration”
6. Fill out the form to register. Take note of your active email address, username, and password.

For these steps, you should have already a hosting account. If you haven’t, please buy a hosting and proceed to step #7.
7. Click “Manage Domain”. Please login first using your email as username.
8. Select your domain you want to manage
9. Select “Nameservers”
10. Input the nameservers given by your hosting. It is usually comes in pair. (example: ns1.hostscripter.com, ns2.hostscripter.com).
11. Lastly, click update.

Note: You will wait for a maximum of 48 hrs for the domain and hosting to be connected.

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