You should change your Domains NOW!

Since domains are already banned and deleted, all domains should be replaced, for us to use our existing hosting account.

ā€¢Ā Ā Ā You may apply for a new domain atĀĀ or search google for any free domain service.

ā€¢Ā Ā Ā It is suggested thatĀ you should not change your domain url. Only the should be changed. Ex: —>

ā€¢ Ā  Sometimes, if your domain has a commercial value, it would cost you some money. You should repeat the process, and input another domain name. Tip: You should not register domains which contain words that is located in the dictionary.



ā€¢ Ā Ā While you are in the process of .tk registration, click the ā€œUSE DNSā€, input the nameservers (ex: and and theĀ equivalent IP addressĀ of each nameserver (can be determine by going to command prompt and type ā€œping ns1.hostscripter.comā€).

ā€¢Ā Ā Ā After successful registration,Ā send an email to your respective hosting providerĀ requesting for the change of your domain name from to