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Effective Formula in Passing the LET



What are the things I did to pass the exam? Maybe some who knew me are thinking how I made it despite of the very limited time to review for the board exam.

It was still I am in a cloud-9. I can’t believe the Formula for my success works in my first time. Here it goes from the very start.

I applied for the Licensure Examination for Teachers on its last day. After then, I just kept the admission notes and examination guidelines in my cabinet. Since I am a full time Computer Instructor, I never had an ample time to read review materials for the upcoming board exam because preparing lessons for my students is what I know which is more important.

Despite of the hectic schedule, It was my decision to take a 1 week leave before the board exam schedule. I applied for it a month before, so that I know what to do in case the administration rejects my request. After which, I have prepared online activities for my students for them not to be left behind from the lessons while I am on leave. It was Friday before my 5-day leave when I bought online a review material entitled “The LETer’s Choice” by MindGym.

The things I did on my 5-day leave are the following:

1st Day – I bring out the examination guidelines from PRC and reviewed the contents. Ooh! I never thought it was harder than I expected. My major (TLE) has too many areas involve. A computer professional that would take an exam about drafting, gardening, cooking, carpentry, masonry, electrical, plumbing, etc was the most challenging tests ever. It was like a kid you taught of how to play chess, and let him compete on triathlon. Haha!

Instead of losing hope, my goal is to know how hard was the exam, and next time for the take-two I will make it to the TOP 20s but I will give my best even I have very limited time. That’s my thinking that time. Before lunch, I went to the market to buy some foods (Chocolate Biscuits, Curlz, Chocolates, Tetrapack Milks, bread, etc).

After taking my lunch, I browse the net for “tips in passing the LET” and “TLE reviewers”. And I sleep for 3 hrs. At night time, doing some household choirs and going to Church. The day ended with just knowing the “hardship of the exam”.

2nd Day – I have received finally the book I have bought online “The LETer’s Choice”. I read few pages from the start, it was not really a complete review material but it was a book that will guide you from scratch (from what are the contents of the LET exam, tips and strategies before and during the exam, practice drills, and inspirational messages from the topnotchers). I eat a lot and in the afternoon, I sleep 3 to 4 hrs. With some words from the author of the said book, my spirit uplifted.

3rd Day – I set aside the LETer’s book, instead I go online for some tips while looking for TLE review materials. I took practice drills to answer few questions of “Professional Education” topic from the compiled notes I have borrowed. In the afternoon, I review some parts of the “Foundation of Education’s powerpoint lecture” which I got from my CPE class. After which, I sleep again for few hours. We went to Church at night time for worship service.

4th Day – I took the General Education and Professional Education areas Practice Exam from the “LETter’s Book” in a time-based mode as if I am taking the real board exam. I test my self on how fast I am in answering questions and lucky I passed the Gen. Ed. but not the Prof. Ed. area. With this result, I concentrated on the Prof. Education part. I finished reading the “Foundation of Education’s powerpoint”. And, I continue answering prof. ed. questions from the compiled notes I have borrowed. As usual, the afternoon always makes me sleep.

5th Day – I went online to check my room assignment on the place of examination. I finished reading the Letter’s Book. I go over to what I have reviewed from 1st day, and read some materials in the internet. I interviewed my father about ideas on building and house constructions. In this last day of my review, I consolidated all of the ideas and knowledges that I have reviewed by writing down those I can remember. I also sleep again in the afternoon.

To sum up what I did on this 5 days leave of mine:
1. I go to church every 6:00AM for personal prayer;
2. I review every morning while eating chocolates, biscuits, and curlz;
3. I sleep an average of 3 hrs every afternoon;

Topics I concentrated for my review are:
1. Professional Education (Foundation of Education, Piaget and other persons’ theories/philosophies)
2. Carpentry/Masonry (from my Father’s expert ideas)
3. Electricity/Physics (online reading)

6th Day – I go to church for a worship service before my travel to the examination venue. Just I arrived at Tuguegarao City, I went first to exact place of examination (Bagay Elementary School) for me to know where is my room. I slept in the apartment of my cousins who are studying in the place. We exchange stories with my cousins and I didn’t read any notes for the exam. Before I sleep, I make sure that all of the requirements for the exam was ready and also my foods for my merienda during the exam.

7th Day (Exam Day) – I woke up 3:30 AM. I walk to the nearest Church of ours in the place at 4:00 AM and have my prayer. I arrived in the place very early but there are still some who are more earlier than me. I am afraid to be disqualified to take the exam of not following guidelines since it was noted that before 6 AM we should be on the site.

That’s all what I have done before taking the board exam.

Things you should know during LET exam

As I have already experienced taking the teacher’s board (Licensure Examination for Teachers), I would like to share this facts you should know about this board examination. It is advised that you should read first my Point of View article. These things are the following:

1. You may not wear a White Shirt w/ Collar. Even it is stipulated in your notice of admission that you should follow the dress code, examinees who are not in proper dress code are not noticed by the proctors. Hmmm, maybe it depends on the proctor.

2. You may not bring a Pack Lunch. Before the exam will begin, there were persons who will visit the rooms and ask you  to have a pack lunch at P50.00.

3. You should bring foods for your Merienda. Yes, you should. If not, you will experienced more headache. :-). Because of foods and water intake while taking the exam, you can think and analyze better than you haven’t.

4. You should bring a Non-Programmable Calculator. I brought a standard calculator where I have only the 4-fundamental operations of Mathematics. Haha! It’s funny when I realize that we are allowed to use Scientific Calculator. Hmm… But you should know the list of calculators which are allowed by PRC. If your calculator is not in the list, you will not be allowed to use it. Thus, you will have hard time answering the Mathematics portion of the General Education of the exam.

5. You should never forget to bring NOA, OR, and Window Envelope. These are the main requirements you must have for you to be allowed to take the exam: Notice of Admission (Admission Tab), Official Receipt of Payment, and Window Envelop with metered stamp.

6. You should maximize your Time. Prior to this exam, you should take more practice drills with time pressure. You should answer each item at most 40-45 seconds. Avoid staying too long in an item. It is better to skip the item unanswered, and go back to it.

Teachers’ Board: Examinee’s Viewpoint

I went to the place of examination 2-hour before the said time, wearing a white polo shirt,  and having me my transparent long envelope with brown envelop containing the application stub, receipt of payment, 2 pcs mongol#2 pencil, and a black ballpen.  It is still dark and we are just 6 who came very early. We are standing in front of the gate of Bagay Elementary School, Tuguegarao City, and waiting for the places of the school be seen by our eyes.

As 2 young fat men just arrived carrying their “Jollibee’s Baon”, I noticed that they didn’t follow what is in the guidelines. Few minutes before 6AM, tricycles are buzzing and many of the¬†examiners¬†are coming. I stayed in the school’s stage where chairs are available and light reaches the place. There were few examiners who are wearing the required dress.

At 6:30AM as scheduled, almost all of the rooms were opened. I go inside my room where I was assigned. There were still a quarter of us who are not yet present. Some are bowing their heads and having personal prayers. Some are having casual communication to get know each others. Most are just too quiet, and maybe because they are “first timers” like me.

It’s about 10 minutes before 8AM where all of us were already present. ¬†Later than 6:30AM arrival is not true or maybe because we have a proctor who is very considerate. Examinees who are not in proper dress code (white shirt w/ collar) is also not true.

Now, our requirements (admission tab, payment official receipt, window envelop with stamp) were checked including our calculators. I observed that the proctors have a master list of calculator’s name (brand/model) which are allowed to use in the examination especially in the mathematics part. Two of our room mates’ calculator were confiscated because their calculators are not found in the list. With this, I wonder if my standard calculator (I bought in the “baratilyo”)¬†in their list. Well, I am sure it’s not listed but it is obviously not a programmable calculator.

At exactly 8AM, the bell rang, and it is the signal that the exam started. We actually started at 8:10AM in our room because we are the last who receives the examination questionnaires even we are in Room #1. We filled out forms for which we are asked to write some personal details (date of graduation should be noted prior to examination) and we took our pledge by copying the paragraphs which is about the security of the contents of the examination questionnaires.

We have received the 1st part of the exam and the last page of our answer sheets which is for the General Education. We are strictly instructed that we should avoid skipping items without answer and having erasures especially with left mark. After 2 hrs, most of us finish the General Education and some are having trouble with the Mathematics portion which I’m sure of.

We return the answer sheets to the proctor, and we are given another answer sheet which is for Professional Education. At 1PM, all of us were given a breaktime and we are advised to return at 2PM for the part 2 of the exam. Luckily, I finished it at 12 noon and I have still time to get out of the venue and to have a necessity.

My overall point of view of the exam is below average difficulty but I am not too confident to win it because of limited time of preparation for this kind of exam. If you are planning to take the LET exam, you should read Things You should Know during LET Exam.

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