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How to hack WiFi protected spots?


If you are wondering how to have FREE internet service by using your neighbor’s internet connection, don’t you worry now. Instead of spending prepaid loads over and over again into your broadband kits, why not use this very hacking tool to crack your neighbor’s WiFi password?


  • Linux Operating System particularly Ubuntu 10.04 version
  • Software “Python” specifically version 2.4.5 or version 2.5.2

Tools you may use:

  • aircrack-ng (v1.1) suite. Get it via ubuntu terminal and type “apt-get install aircrack-ng”
  • python-tk module. Use terminal via¬† “apt-get install python-tk”
  • mac changer. Get it via terminal by typing “apt-get install macchanger”
  • Download at

After installing the tools above, you may try one by one by going to your ubuntu applications and look for these tools. You can customize each by using few arguments to automate your WiFi cracking process.

In my experience, I have tested the wifite + python + ubuntu 10.04 to be working. I have cracked the WiFi password of one of the hotels in manila when I attended seminars a year ago.

How to make your smartphones as Wifi Access point?

If your phone has a wifi feature, then maybe you have also a hotspot capability. Android phones has this feature, and here are the steps on how to activate it:

Most android smartphones can follow this steps.

  1. Go to your phone’s setting
  2. Choose Wireless and Networks
  3. Select Tethering and Portable hotspot
  4. Activate “Portable WiFi hotspot” by tapping the grayed check icon. It should turn green/yellow green if activated.
  5. Optional: You need to configure the name and security at Portable WiFi hotspot setting.

Wow! Wifi inside your processor?

The “Moore’s Law Radio” chip | At the Intel Developer Forum in San Francisco, Intel Chief Technology Officer Justin Rattner unveiled a pair of technologies coming out of Intel Labs that will overcome many of the size and power limits that have stood in the way of integrating radio technology more tightly with computers and other digital devices. The first, what Intel calls the “Moore’s Law Radio,” is a complete WiFi transceiver on a 32-nanometer scale silicon chip; the second, called Rosepoint, is a complete system-on-a-chip that integrates two Atom processor cores with a digital WiFi transceiver.¬† Read FULL story HERE.

WiFi Anywhere inside the Campus

Wooh! There were two Wifi HotSpots in Isabela State University РCauayan Campus located at the Administration building and at College of Computing and Information Technology (CCIT).
With your laptops, netbooks, notebooks, PDAs, wifi capable¬†mobile phones, and even desktop computers can now¬†connect¬†to the Internet. You can stay anywhere inside the campus or even at your boarding house which is approximately 50-100 meters away from the university’s location. But you must remember that the farther you are from the wifi location, the slower you have internet connection. By the way, this Wifi project by the university will be available free for a month, and can be accessed using a security password on the next months.

Password changes every week. You can ask for the password by sending

to 2327 .

It will be posted also every monday at the ISU –¬†Student¬†Center (Pavilion).


Note:  This is one of my plan for our campus. But sadly, after installing those Wifi routers connected via a cable wires, two (ITE, & Hostel) fails after one month of dry run. It was only the line of Guidance>Law>IT worked well in that test period. In preparation for the ROTC Tactical Event, the officers trimmed down branches of acacia trees, and maybe they accidentally cut down our cable lines too.

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