TheĀ LoveScripter Chess. Yes it was a chess which can be played by three players. I created this logo and make it as my banner ‘coz I love chess even this times I’m not active player. The logo consists of three colors (blue, red, green) that corresponds to each player of the game. Three different colors that describes my personality.Ā 
RED: Passion, very active, (deep red) over active, (dull red) burned out, (bright red) sexy/horny, leadership, love of sports, challenge, courage, practical, desire for possessions, sense of adventure, and a survival instinct. Most children have bright red auras – especially males. They are very active and ‘on the go’. Reds like a challenge, is a force of will, hard workers, like to achieve results and success. They do not punch a time clock, and work till they drop.
BLUE: Communication, loyalty, good listener, contentment, peaceful, caretaker, calmness, patience, sensitive, honest, empathic, generous, warmhearted, and often times spiritual. Blue indicates a depth of feeling; love, truth, trust, dedication, tranquility, tenderness and affection. Blues cannot think of sex unless they are in love. Blues convey wisdom, and are reliable. A good talker!

GREEN: Healing, teaching, caring, high self-esteem, tenacity, money, harmony, balance, and growth. A rich dark green is abundance, prosperity and wealth. Greens (bright) are driven to be successful and often own their own business, are goal-oriented and make lists (check them off as they complete a goal). Greens need to be in control. Family matters and parenting are important to them. Medical professionals and people involved in the healing arts of any kind often have greens strongly in their auras.
It has 96 squares which will be filled up by 3 groups of 16 chess pieces. If you feel like you are challenged of playing this Lovescripter’s version of chess, you can make it and play it with your friends.



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