As I have already experienced taking the teacher’s board (Licensure Examination for Teachers), I would like to share this facts you should know about this board examination. It is advised that you should read first my Point of View article. These things are the following:

1. You may not wear a White Shirt w/ Collar. Even it is stipulated in your notice of admission that you should follow the dress code, examinees who are not in proper dress code are not noticed by the proctors. Hmmm, maybe it depends on the proctor.

2. You may not bring a Pack Lunch. Before the exam will begin, there were persons who will visit the rooms and ask you  to have a pack lunch at P50.00.

3. You should bring foods for your Merienda. Yes, you should. If not, you will experienced more headache. :-). Because of foods and water intake while taking the exam, you can think and analyze better than you haven’t.

4. You should bring a Non-Programmable Calculator. I brought a standard calculator where I have only the 4-fundamental operations of Mathematics. Haha! It’s funny when I realize that we are allowed to use Scientific Calculator. Hmm… But you should know the list of calculators which are allowed by PRC. If your calculator is not in the list, you will not be allowed to use it. Thus, you will have hard time answering the Mathematics portion of the General Education of the exam.

5. You should never forget to bring NOA, OR, and Window Envelope. These are the main requirements you must have for you to be allowed to take the exam: Notice of Admission (Admission Tab), Official Receipt of Payment, and Window Envelop with metered stamp.

6. You should maximize your Time. Prior to this exam, you should take more practice drills with time pressure. You should answer each item at most 40-45 seconds. Avoid staying too long in an item. It is better to skip the item unanswered, and go back to it.



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