Hi!Ā As many persons were asking what would be the best thing to do with their softwares which are already expired? And I answered them “Buy a license for the software”. That’s the right thing to do because it’s legal.

Now, I decided to write down this article not to teach you to use softwares illegally but just to share to the world that such paid softwares can be used free.

Option 1
The easiest way to continue using the trial softwares after it reaches its expiration date is changing your computer system’s date. How and Why? Take this example:

Software Installation Date: May 5, 2012
Expiration Date: June 5, 2012

– before it reaches the expiration date, revert back your computer system’s date between the installation date and expiration date. Do this over and over again.
– if it’s already expired, do the same as above. Some softwares, this tip may not work.

Option 2
The other way on how to use it permanently free is to cracked its license code. Follow these simple steps:

1. Run your software and open the window that asks the license code.
2. Visit www.serials.ws and input the name of the software in the search field.
3. Select from the results which has higher percentage of functionality.
4. Take note of the license code/serial keys given.
5. Input the codes into your software.

Note: If the code will not work, try other search results.



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