I amĀ ErickĀ – the Lovescripterā„¢, a Sagittarian. Optimistic and freedom-loving. Jovial and good-humored. Honest and straightforward. Intellectual and philosophical.

I started being aware about this limitless cyberspace since 2000 having my emails in yahoo such as era2k1ph, sniperguy, ramerboyz, dr_arithmetic, dwizard, nh4no4, mizrach219, and lovescripter21. I also got lovescripter01 to lovescripter80 at google mail. haha! Using these emails for my absolutely free 24/7 internet (no fee, zero cost). By the way, if you ever met a name as hack8hide in forums, that’s me. I love surfing the net. How I wish one day has 72 hours. Hehe! Just visit myĀ personal websiteĀ to know more from me.



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