Final Project Development


1. You must have complete profile HTML website (
2. You must have a complete blogsite (

Note: Consequences are already cancelled, but I have deducted to your grades.


Convert your /profile into a wordpress personal website.

Thus you have /profile, /blog, and the root (domain only) no slashes.

final project =
midterm project =
prelim project =

Personal Website Example

Development Guidelines

As you can see in the image:
1. All menus of your /profile should be recreated in your newly personal wordpress site.
2. These menus are made from PAGES
3. The submenus of favorites are MUSIC, VIDEOS, OTHERS page, etc
4. The submenus of gallery are MY PHOTOS, FAMILY, FRIENDS, LOVERS page
5. Submenus are popups menus when pointer is pointed to gallery or favorites
6. Autobiography page can be ONE PAGE only
7. Music and Video pages can be ONE PAGE only
8. The same requirements to gallery (6pics/page in self photos, 4pics/page in family/friends/lovers)
9. In the header, you MAY use your own banner/logo but take note of your full name and the word “official personal website” below.
10. At the sidebar, the gd-blog-rating, recent articles, related sites, chatbox, facebook-profile, who’s online are required to be displayed. You can add as many widgets you want.
11. Include /blog and /profile links in the related sites.
12. Create a POST with the title WELCOME and create any welcome message you want showcasing your personal website. Look for the option STICKY before publishing, to make the article posted always on TOP.
13. Create any article of any category you want.
14. Gather STARS.




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