Hi. I am Mr. Erick R. Abuzo, a university instructor teaching computer subjects in the BSIT, BSCS, and MIT program. I perform other computer jobs during night time and weekends.

I love solving computer problems. Maybe, now and sometime you need my service. Don’t hesitate to inform me and I’ll schedule my time for you.

100percentMy HostScripter is DTI and BIR registered. Specifically, I can help you with the following:


  • Web Hosting. If you have already a website, I bet it’s only a free hosting. Why don’t you try yourself to have a paid hosting at a very affordable price. And, I can offer you the cheapest cloud hosted website and I will be the one to transfer your existing website free of charge. If you have existing website, for sure, you are paying higher than you should pay for. I can give you lower price and more storage space compared to what you have now with free website transfer services.


  • Website Design. Do you want to have your own website? Let me develop it and have your online presence boosts up. Contact me now, and let’s talk about it. How much is your budget? and let us how far it will go.


  • Systems Design. Why not automate your business transactions and see your company grows, gain trust to your customers, reduce paperworks, and more. Contact me now, and see it yourself.


  • Logo/Graphics Design. I can create a logo or graphics you want for a small amount of penny. Logo for websites, t-shirt printing services, flyers, book covers, and more are some stuff that needs an elegant eye-catching logo/graphics design.


  • Technical Support. Technical problems with your gadgets, computer hardwares, more especially software problems in your operating systems needs technical expertise. You can count on me with those problems.


  • Computer Repair. Most people are innocent and unaware of the real value of computer hardware peripherals. They just say YES to whatever the technician says even though there were no real defects in their machine and pay as much 3x the real price. Does your PC went go wrong? Do you see annoying pop-up messages? or It hangs-up more often than before? I can fix it for you without letting your machine undergo operation at the computer shops. I can do it remotely via the internet. Call me up, tell me the problems, have it scheduled, leave your PC at home, and I’ll fix it online.


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